1058 N. College St.

Harrodsburg, KY 40330


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Our mission is to prevent disease whenever possible through client education and proactive veterinary care. This is a listing of some of our services. For more information, please call us at 859-734-2245.

Internal Medicine

  • Comprehensive Wellness Examinations focus on disease detection and prevention
  • Illness Examinations cater to the needs of each individual patient based on presenting illness
  • Vaccinations
  • Internal and External parasite prevention
  • Specialized dietary therapy personalized for your pet
  • AVID Microchips
  • Outpatient and in clinic intensive care treatment


  • Routine and emergency soft tissue surgery - neuter, spay, de-claw, ear trims, tumor removal, eye surgeries, oral surgeries, lacerations, abscesses, abdominal exploratory, foreign body retrievals, and more
  • Routine and emergency orthopedic surgery – ACL repair, bone fracture plating and pinning
  • Dental cleanings
  • Anesthesia and Pain Management
  • Advanced surgical monitoring including blood pressure, EKG, capnography, pulse oximtery, and temperature

Download Surgery Form

Or, Fill Out Surgery Form and email to: CommonwealthAH@gmail.com


  • Full in clinic laboratory including hematology, urinalysis, cytology and fecal analysis
  • Additionally testing can be sent off to the laboratory
  • Digital x-ray
    • PennHIP Certified
  • Ultrasonography
  • Glaucoma testing with tonometry

Other Services

  • Full Service Pharmacy
  • Prescription diets by Royal Canin, Hill's Science Diet and Purina